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Coming April 13th



The whole world revolves around Phil Keating and that's just the way he likes it. He runs the classiest, most sophisticated and talented girls in all five boroughs. His money, influence, and circle of high powered friends give him free rein across the city of New York.

Taimel Carr is his mother’s only child and just wants to be accepted by his half-brother Phil. He’ll stop at nothing to make it happen; that is until he meets Phil's top girl, Diamond.

Diamond is the highest paid prostitute in Manhattan, but she is also the smartest. She has Phil wrapped around her finger but it’s Taimel that she comes to love. She has been keeping a secret from Phil that she knows can get her killed and when it is all said and done, her death seems imminent.

While the two men are both smitten with the vivacious woman, a killer emerges who wants nothing more than to fulfill his revenge. He will take out anyone who stands in his way to get to his target. The police can’t stop him because they created the killing machine, so the brothers may have no other choice than to go into hiding. Nothing is safe when sex, power, and money is in the equation.






Delphine Publications is determined to bring a new reality check to Urban book at a time.

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