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Get Obsessed About Your Dream

Congrats to our 2012 Get Obsessed About Your Dream Educational Scholarship


My name is Destani Mitchell. I am an eighteen year old  high school graduate of Southeast Career Technical Academy majoring in Office Technology. I have been in several activities over the years. I was first a member of Critical Kondition Dance Team in 2000 to help me step out of my comfort zone and learn not be shy. During my time on the team, we have experienced many rewards such as opening up for a 50 Cent concert, coming in first place in many citywide and California dance competitions, and performing at many exclusive arenas such as: Knotts Berry Farm, Six Flags Magic Mountain, 106 and Park, and the Gator Bowl.  In 2007, I tried out for Carroll M. Johnston Middle School’s cheerleading team and I left Critical Kondition and joined Phenomenon Dance Team. It was kind of challenging juggling both activities but I enjoyed leaving cheerleading practice and heading to dance practice. As time went on, in 2008 I became co-captain of the Southern Nevada Middle School League Canyon Springs Junior Pioneer Cheerleading Team. I was really honored for that achievement because I have only been cheerleading for a year and there were girls who have been cheerleaders way longer than I have. I also became a member of the AKAteen Youth Enrichment Group that year.  The purpose of AKAteens is to set new heights in our community through neighborhood involvement, high academic achievement, community service, and much more.

As I began high school, I became one of three freshmen who made it on SECTA’s varsity cheerleading team. AKAteens and cheerleading were my two main activities my freshman year. As my sophomore year approached, I remained on the varsity cheerleading team and we came in sixteenth place in our cheerleading competition. I felt very proud of my team because there were many teams not only were we the smallest varsity team, but only two of our cheerleaders knew how to tumble. I also was a part of Future Business Leaders of America with my school. However, my junior year in high school I did not join the cheerleading team again. The reason behind this reason is because the day of tryouts my aunt was found past out in her car and was rushed to the hospital. I felt that the cheerleaders would be concerned for my aunt because we have become a family over the two years of us being together as a team. But the only thing they were worried about was if I was coming to practice. But my junior year, I was voted President of the AKAteen Youth Enrichment Group. With being president, I was responsible of leading all of our meetings, speaking publicly at certain events, appearing for awards we received and overall leading our group in the right direction.

In my senior year in high school, I elected a second term as president of the AKAteen Youth Enrichment Group, I am still a member of Future Business Leaders of America, and a member of the Emerging Young Leaders Program.

Recently I have been accepted to Prairie View A & M University, where I will be studying Criminal Justice. I want to be a probation officer for juvenile offenders because I enjoy helping others who are in bad situations and ensure that they are placed in better ones.

School Choice:
Prairie View A & M University Prairie View, Texas

Criminal Justice


*Destani Mitchell starts school in the Fall of 2012 and was awarded a $1,000 scholarship towards her education

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