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Cookie: A Fort Worth Story

We all were young but we all didn't have to grow up sooner then we had to...

Hitting Stores July 4, 2011

Cookie is based on a true story about a young girl who had to love hard at a young age, but had to leave her child hood behind and become a woman. Growing up in one of the fastest growing cities, Cookie is a story of triumph over devastation. Cookie's desire was to enjoy life to the fullest. After being reunited with her first crush, Carlos, things couldn't get better. But soon Cookie must grow up sooner then she expected when tragedy seems to hit her family over and over. She fights the mental abuse from her sister and the desire to not be a outcast. Still having the desire to fall in love at a young age Cookie will face some of the most difficult decisions a teen shouldn't have to make. When one day she discovers that the only person she needed in her life passes away, she must decide to live life in their memory or will she make the wrong decision that could change her life forever. This story is life in a teens eyes as she battles sex, love, hardship, death, and a broken heart. Can a young girl truly turn back the hands of time or will she make the wost decision of her life.

Want exclusive details of the book before it hit stores this summer. Follow the Author on Twitter for Cookie Alerts, the official notice of in the pages details of this urban tale. Get on today!

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