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M. C. Merie

Born and raised in the state tourists go to vacation and retirees spend their glory days: Florida, M.C. Merie established her love for writing when she was just nine years old; writing her first book in a spiraled notebook that her mother purchased for her.

M.C. Merie, born Mariela Munoz, spent just over one year at Nova Southeastern University until she unexpectedly became pregnant and eventually dropped out to care for her daughter.  Now, seven years later, M.C. Merie is married to her Jamaican Native husband with one daughter and two step-daughters whom she dedicates all of her time and energy to.  She has since enrolled in school at St. Petersburg College to finish up with the degree she set out to complete after high school, and in all of her free time, she enjoys reading and writing in hopes to successfully attain her dream of becoming a well-known author in urban literature.


Instagram @mmunozmariela


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